German Super movie DVD Blu-ray cover

This is the German DVD Blu-ray artwork i created for Kotch Medias release of James Gunn's Super movie. they sound like a company who know what they like and it wasn't the truly terrible UK artwork. Time was tight on this one and i was working on another job when this came in so i worked up a rough photo concept which now seems to seep out on-line but this is the actual artwork!

The original artwork had a strong creative and took a more high concept route. which i guess didn't really work more for the DVD market the UK released THIS! (shudder). So i got contacted by Kotch Media to produce a design which would be more cast orientated! as there really is a plethora of talent going on in this one (Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon and the great Michael Rooker!!) so i wanted to get everyone in the action but still give the artwork some style which related back to the films storyline. I explored two routes for this design one being the classic 70's esque over the top explosion and big title treatment, then this one which Took the super hero theme which treated the whole DVD cover 
a classic comic book design, the composition still has that narrative poster style but building it around the comic book concept allows the visual to capture the vibe of the films story line and then relate it back to the viewer, it also gives the cover a different twist and a more fun look to stand out on the shelves against the other movies.

I saturated the use of colour more in the illustration to give the thing that comic illustration vibe without being too 'cartoony' and polished it off with that old dot printing effect and offsetting the colour plates slightly so the whole piece has that distorted out of registration look (you can see a more detail section above). Again i was very happy that Kotch media ran with this as well and didn't just request a more clean version of the artwork to be used.