Dude Apparel launch

Dude Apparel is an all-new clothing label from artist Tom Hodge aka The Dude Designs.


As The Dude Designs, Tom created a cult name as a leading figure in the resurgence of the ‘old school’ poster art aesthetic behind such films as Hobo With a shotgun, Savage Streets, The Innkeepers, They Live, Wolfcop 1&2, The Other side of the door, Joy, Spy and The Heat.

Tom’s passion for retro film art and VHS also combined in his best selling book VHS: Video cover art, which was the first book to take a look at the lost art of the home video boom in the 80s and 90s.

Tom has even stepped behind the Camera to create ‘Teddy Bears Picnic his first film outing, which was a proof of concept short, starring Abby Miller (Justified & The Sinner) and Laurence Harvey (Human Centipede 2+3) and has successfully toured around the global film festival circuit.

Through Dude Apparel Tom is now able to bringing his unique visual aesthetic and stylistic approach to the world of clothing. Creating pop culture inspired conceptual collections as a new voice in the world of t-shirt art, apparel, accessories and homeward.

Dude Apparel is now pleased to see the inaugural release of…

Video Store Staff Collection 1.

Ever fantasized about running your own VHS video store in the glorious days of the 80s and 90s?  Well, now you can with our new range of stylish video store staff tees, sweatshirts and women’s tank tops. In ‘premium’ double-sided and ‘Standard’ single-sided options.

Based on original 80s video stores for authenticity. Dude apparel has revisited these bastions of the VHS rental boom and reinterpreted them with all new designs to create this collection of high-end fashion apparel for your viewing and wearing pleasure… Which video store will you run?

A few words from Tom Hodge:

I’m very proud to launch Dude Apparel after a year's planning and organisation, with an inaugural collection that combines a lot of my passions VHS, Vintage and 80s/90s fashion. 

I wanted to create a collection that had a conceptual edge behind, something I have dreamed of finding in a vintage store… RADICAL VIDEO STORE STAFF TEES! 

‘VHS’ Video collecting has really exploded globally in the past 3 years since I released VHS Video cover art. With tapes tripling in value from an average of 20p to £20+ now!

There is a real connection to VHS tapes and Video stores, the act of browsing the shelves of numerous salacious tape artworks for such incredible titles like Neon Maniacs, Surf Nazis Must Die, Bronx Warriors and The Video Dead…They REALLY don’t make em’ like that anymore! 

A weekends entertainment was defined by the excitement of going to the video store, these numerous independent ‘mom and pop’ video stores which appeared everywhere and always had these wicked names like Videostar, or Video Edge. They WHERE the entertainment hub for a generation growing up in the 80s/90s and consequently have been ingrained emotionally in our psyches as adults. So I wanted to celebrate that and I’m beyond excited present you with the righteous “Video Store Staff Collection 1.”

Revival of the news site

It's been a while but I am reviving the old blog as a general news site now to keep you updated on the latest releases and news for Tom Hodge The Dude Designs.

The Dude Designs is now branching out into various areas to become a renaissance man of design!

You will find the website now www.thedudedesigns.com separated into five new sections;

1. The Dude Designs - Commercial design and illustration work.

2. Dude Apparel - My all new clothing label and store.

3. Tom Hodge Prints - an art store for all my limited edition prints (coming soon).

4. Filmography - showcasing my work behind the camera (coming soon).

5. Author - for my book releases (coming soon).


Best Movie Posters Of The Year

4 Dude Designs posters get listed in Best Movie Posters Of The Year

MTV [The Heat]

Rotten Tomatoes [The Heat]

Business Insider [The Heat]

First Showing [The Heat]

Collider [The Heat]

Movies Of Hollywood [The Heat]

Buzz Feed [The Heat]

SFGate [The Heat]

Screen Crush [The Sacrament]

Bloody Disgusting [Almost Human]

Zimbio [Almost Human]

Sound On Sight [The Heat & Almost Human]

Shock Till You Drop [The Heat, The Sacrament & Frankenstein Created Bikers]

Flavor Wire [The Heat & Frankenstein Created Bikers]


Halloween VHS night

Graham Humphrey's (Amazing original 80s poster artist) and I, have been brought on to select a special Halloween VHS treat for folks in London on the 29th of October.

I chose the brilliant 80s cheese fest 'Neon Maniacs' its a film i remember been obsessed with as a kid when me and my cousin saw the trailer, i think you will agree it looks pretty damn cool!

I also made some fitting VHS and Betamax headstones for the night, so if your in London and dare come out join us at The Royal George (soho) WC2H 0EA from 6:30, Its a Free night and all are welcome.

"When the world is ruled by violence and the soul of mankind fades, the children's paths shall be darkened by the shadows of THE NEON MANIACS"

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla is an Australian Black Comedy/Drama about a lonely ice-cream van driver, Warren Thompson, and his unhealthy obsession with television soap starlet, Katey George.

Designing a film poster for a film set in the real world and based around sort of (semi) normal subject matter becomes a different and more often i find bigger challenge than say a horror film, where usually you get this powerful fantasy visual hook to begin with (monsters, zombies etc are provided!). So to build that same impact out of everyday imagery sometimes requires more of an intense design process to help create the entertainment factor and convey all the dramatic of funny twists to of the story. As opposed to working up a pile of monsters or a few painted faces

Theres no iconic character to fall back on, to put it another way… Jason is going to look cool regardless of what you do with him!. So every time i do work on one of these i get more and more respect for people like Drew Struzan who mainly worked in the comedy/drama genre and created such iconic and entertaining imagery out of some simple subject matter.

Anyway back to the design! We wanted to show the deterioration of the story, (the darker side to ice cream sales!) and did this by taking the fun bright colour pallet usually associated with ice cream but just making it shitty! This is clearly reflected in the title design with the Clich├ęd type style but made all warped, dripping, cracked and dirty.

When working out the composition i liked the idea from the start of Warren holing out this big melting ice cream, it looked tasty and fun but really sad under it all. Rather than depicting the character straight, it was Stuart (the director) who favored the use of him in full collapse mode with dirty face, shaved eyebrows, hair and mustache. Which did create a more arresting image and you also get a flash of him like this at the start of the film so its not giving away too much plot spoilers.

Then the Van was always going to play a big part, and making it look as rusty and grimey as possible to show the darker edge. With the main character central, i built all the elements surrounding him as sort of portraying this journey through his mental state and wrapped it all up with the ocean of ice cream! as it was a fun way of drawing all the elements together. So we see perfect angelic beauty of the soap star (how his imagination has created her), then getting threatened (down trodden), dead cat, my little TV diorama of self pleasure! depicting this obsession for the soap star, burial and western shootout (fantasy).

For the poster framework i played around with a couple of routes, setting it in a more classic poster style design, but i like the idea of treating the whole surround as the ice cream vans window. using the van graphics that are all worn and the bright colours but then really piling on the rust, which speaks volumes for the films story. Kudos to Stuart for going with it too because the original mock ups with everything going on looked (i felt) quite rough, i knew it was going to come together in the end but convincing people can be tricky and i’m glad he saw that too!

For this design i also merged more photoshop treatments with the surround being all photographic and the central montage being illustrated. it Sort of bringing the classic poster montage up-to date more for the film.