couch cutter petition for The Dude Designs

David at CouchCutter.com has kindly started a petition to get Quentin Tarantino's attention and hopefully get for The O'l Dude Designs hired for a poster on his upcoming Django Unchained flick!
So if you have a sec to spare sign away dudes... HERE


Creep Show Radio

I got invited on Creep Show Radio to have a good chat with the host Brian Harris about poster design, processes, inspiration, the industry and work in general so far... an honest insight into the world of the dude designs

Archived Podcast


2011 best movie poster of the year !!

Well Most of the polls are in now for best movie poster of 2011 and i have to say the ol' Dude Designs didn't fair to badly (considering I've only seriously been perusing the more commercial movie poster work for a year now!). So for any inquiring minds out there, here is a breakdown of what got nominated and where (sometimes we've even managed to to get 3 designs on one list!!)... links on the titles!