video cover, Video Nasty, grindhouse, film, vhs: DUDE

Here is the beginning of a new design/art project based on early 80's video nasty covers.

It was something of an obsession of mine growing up, living in a small village i not much moved fast!, I even remember the first time i ever went to the video shop.
I saw the video store as a twisted pop art gallery, these brilliant covers all displayed in rows would entice me as I went around the aisles and viewed the display cases at the local 'Blaby video' or 'Hollywood video' shop.

Then as i got older i really fell in love with the video nasty section, it was like art porn almost. The excitement of what lay behind these worn, sun bleached trashy covers with there tacky Video logos and all the promises they made but sadly rarely delivered, 'selling the sizzle but not the steak'. really got my design rocks off.

Video nasty covers are what really got me into graphics, i started off by my own video covers for the old horror films i recorded off the TV and Its been a love hate relationship ever since. With this project I've come full circle and returned back too a subject matter that first inspired me, exploring design as pop art combining photography, illustration and graphics.

So here is the first in hopefully a long line of covers in the series.