Midnight Movies, Sci-Fi London Barbarella, Candy Darling, Andy Warhol, Film Poster, Flyer

Here are the new designs i have just finished for the Curzon's Midnight Movies.

Featuring Andy Warhol 'Factory' favourite Candy Darling in 'Beautiful Darling: The life and times of Candy Darling'. So i wanted to give a it that Warhol flavour but bring it up to date more with a modern twist, so i used the Candy's portrait in the iconic Warhol portrait style, then looked at complimenting this it with the use of bold typography. I then dropped on big washes of colour to bring it all together.

The Second billing is the Sci-Fi London showing of sexy space romp Barbarella with Jane Fonda:

As Barbarella is such a iconic 60's film i really wanted to push that side of it and go for a whole psychedelic poster style but keep it space age, pop culture and feminine. So i took some visual inspiration from Jane Fonda amazing hair in the photos where she's laying down and expanded on that.

They also needed an A4 Portrait poster producing for the front of the cinema, so i played around with an alternative design, going for the old screen print hand painted 60's poster feel.