Guttersnipe interview

Hey im sure your thinking 'Not another one' (i am designing like a mad man in-between 3 posters to come shortly!) but they really do help to get the word out about poster design and communicate to a different audience every time... also of course i always make some valid points as well !!! so check it out HERE

Also has a lovely intro:

" Actors, directors, screenwriters, special effects guys, and composers. The media is fascinated with the cult of personality that make up the front lines of the film industry, and everyone seems to care about what these particular people have to say. But you know who never gets interviewed? You know who never gets to sit in the media spotlight?

A person who is just as talented and as devoted to his craft as any of the aforementioned individuals: the dude who toils away creating the movie poster.

One such dude is a dude who literally signs his work “dude”. I know him better as Tom Hodge, the outrageously talented British wunderkind who has come out of nowhere to take the cult film poster world by storm. I recently had the chance to chat via email with Tom about what it is he does, and the state of the movie poster."