BBC NEWS Film poster artists revive a dying craft ~ The Dude Designs


BBC NEWS Film poster artists revive a dying craft

A great scoop for the old Dude Designs here a feature on the BBC news no less!!! where they talk about the lost art of film posters speaking with myself and the great Graham Humphreys!

You can read the article HERE.


Cheesebrush said...

Found your site after spotting the article on the BBC news front page of all places! Have long been a fan and collector of proper "painted" posters, with Graham Humphreys being a particular favourite (there's a great recent interview with him at
Whilst some photo-based posters can look good, they're just not "art" - I wouldn't want them framed on my wall, unlike, for example, the UK quad for Deep Space painted by Graham which currently hangs in my hall! And of course I'll be getting the "Hobo" poster too for one of my 1-sheet sized frames!

Ryan Martin said...

Yeah I just spotted the story while surfing BBC Entertainment page and shared it on my Twitter. Keep up the good work!

LukeHyland said...

hi great work i saw this article and adn a few other bits and wrote about you guys on

OLDNIK said...

About f***king time you got some credit for your great work! great to see you're getting a lot more exposure now