Howlin for you poster @ I Want My Music Video Art Show ~ The Dude Designs


Howlin for you poster @ I Want My Music Video Art Show

I did a comision for the director Chris Marrs Pilliero to go with his recently MTV nominated music video for the Black Keys: Howlin' for you, its also on show at the Meltdown gallery in LA as part of the I want my music video art show.


Anonymous said...

Stunning work Mr Dude, you get better with every poster!

Icles Rodrigues said...

Your movie posters are some of the best things I ever saw in this kind of art. I try to do something that seems like movie posters (or something that reminds it) in the covers of my books. Like this one, "Once upon a time in Leningrad":

One day I'll have money to pay for a poster like yours to my books, that are independent and didn't gave me money yet. Whatever, I wrote for fun and passion, not for money. And I write books 'cause I can't make movies. Now I writting a book about female assassins that use sexy nun costumes to revenge a mass murder in a convent. I still imagine how funny a movie with this story could be HAHAHAHA

Congratulations, and still doing this fantastic work.

Icles Rodrigues

P.s. I'm brazilian, sorry if i wrote something wrong