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Cell Count Movie Poster

For Cell Count I wanted to crate a modern illustrated montage poster. A lot times of this type of work can get labelled as 'retro' but i really wanted to show that this type of art is still as fresh, fun and relevant for today's movie market in 2012 as it was back in 1972.

Cell Count is also the type of movie which can benefits from this school of poster art as there s some much going on, so while you could just depict one isolated character or image to promote the film, it wouldn't really tell you the whole story! and my main aim for the design was to capture all the rich nuances, characters, plot twists and atmosphere of the movie to build this static trailer.

I took a lot of influence from the Thai posters of the 70s, as they always had such a great flair for balancing out a broad spectrum of elements but still tying them together in a composition that looks unified as a whole.


JRey/L.A. said...

Dude, I love your work. It is very stylized, however, and does not necessarily translate to blockbuster movie. What I love: the approach; the style; the mood. Very fun!

It seems like the studio execs and the 'powers that be' are not the big risk-takers they would have you believe them to be. Much of the larger studios will choose a campaign based on a focus group of the general public.

Once an indie film-maker gets their first 100-million dollars to create their vision, it's no longer just their vision. It belongs to everyone who put up the cash and the resources. Unless, the 100-million is coming out of their own pocket. But, how many indie film-makers do you know with 100-million dollars lying around?

Great stuff. Keep up the good work.

- Joseph

The Dude Designs said...

Yeah that's what im trying to show though, that you can still have 'classic' poster art which people respect and it will generate more interest that just some tick the boxes generic photoshop poster.
Especially with budgets and the economy the way it is these days, you want to be getting a good bang for your buck and as we see from even the more independent titles this sort of art still grabs people and gets a lot of attention/coverage, at a quater of what you would pay to produce the trash they do at the moment.

Hopefully i eventually turn some studios on, look at the success of Hobo and all the knock on promotional tools built around the success of the key art alone.

Finally these days you don't just need one poster any more so hopefully more 'special' release artwork will start to come into play more, put something out there which the news sites and blogs can get behind, not just some banal focus group coverage as you say.

Thanks for digging the stuff though man

I live in hope and work hard!!!