Breakup At A Wedding

This is the poster art for Osyloscope Pictures Comedy 'Break up at a wedding'. This was actually my first non genre comedy so it was something of a different to work on. The challenge with comedies comes in trying to create something amusing visually, representing some of the various 'gags' and characters in the movie to sell it to the viewer. 

 So a montage seemed to be the best direction  on this design, taking influence from classic 80s comedy posters as for me they standout as the most memorable (not just blocks of colour with actors faces in them). and then mix that with the more modern symmetrical poster design style as you see in the work of Tyler Stout and Randy Ortiz.

 I needed to create visual in the design to hold all the characters together, so  As this is was wedding comedy i was able to go all out on the visual references,  the idea of a collapsing chapel seemed a great way to symbolise the story, i was then able to bring in the visual of the chapel window and wedding arch, which brings me to the use of colour! In the film there is a joke about the choice of pink and brown for the decor, so i wanted an explosion of pink to show that (and nothing says tacky wedding mistake that bright shocking pink). adding little decorative elements like the crazy cupcake displays which the brides maids do a funny dance with as they do look like boobs with chocolate nipples! and The chocolate fountains as they also play a part with the brother who is obsessed by them (the guy on the right!).

The two camera guys document the whole thing (this is a found footage comedy) so they frame the proceedings. Finally i wanted to display some of the carnage along the bottom with the introduction of the couple looking despairingly a good old streaking and the emergency services being brought in, then of course cant forget the booze !