Curzon Cinemas Midnight Movies Flyer, poster, grindhouse, zombie, night of the living dead, Squeeze box

So here is the flyer design i have just finished for the Curzons Midnight movies Night in Soho. I did a split flyer Promoting two very different nights.

Squeeze box is a documentary on the seven-year history of the punk/drag NYC party night:
So mixing up the themes of PUNK and Drag. I new i wanted a big central image that would tie it all together and i definitely wanted BIG hair.
The lipstick idea was the cherry on the tranny cake!

The other side of the flyer is a George A. Romero Night. Something that is quite close to my own heart (im a zombie nut from way back), so really got to undulge myself and give it that shlock horror 1970's feel, complete with badly aligned two colour printing technique. then a bit of weathering thrown in for good measure...

They're coming to get you Barbra!