The House of the Devil Record cover

Here is the artwork for Death waltz Recordings (which i also created the logo for!) Limited edition Vinyl record release of Ti West's House of The Devil by Jeff Grace. I was stoked about working on this as i'm a massive fan of Jeff Graces scores, hes stuff is true classic soundtrack material, with touches of Wendy Carlos to Jerry Goldsmith. seriously check out his work... as well as house of the Devil hes done fantastic scores for I can see you, The Last Winter, Trigger Man, more recently The Innkeepers, Stake Land and Meeks Cutoff.

The Brief from Death Waltz was just for alternate artwork which freed me up to not have the constraints of including certain characters and plot line elements so i was free to explore a more conceptual design. I wanted to be more emotive of Jeff Music style for people as it really is a brilliant classic horror music score i instantly wanted to and go down that classic VHS fantasy artwork road with it. (Im hoping one day VHS artwork will be viewed as a legitimate art style in its own right !!).

Note the totally inaccurate house for that authentic touch!! also another interesting side note being that it was actually Ti West's idea to incorporate in a Pentagram in after viewing my design concepts, i looked at several ways to work one into the design but the house being the main focus of the evil i thought it was the best place for the narrative.

In true VHS style the designs is quite a quick visual hit so the viewer gets an instant recognition  of the story in a few seconds of shelf viewing.