New Dude Designs logo

As im looking to create a new website for the work (along side the blog) to hopefully sell limited edition poster prints and make the work more easily navigational. I thought it was time to spruce of the old handle, so here finally is my ostentatious 70s airbrush inspired design. It was always the direction i had in mine when i created the first sketches.

its just took a while to get here as ive been developing my photoshop painting techniques and recently experimenting with airbrushing  more on the posters for background washes and highlights i felt i could tackle the logo effect. so its about 130 layers and masking off sections then doing quick airbrush esque gradient colours (3 all in all not including the yellow base colour for the main text).

Im sure it will jar with some peoples taste but i want a trully 70s esque almost gordy gold stlye wich you dont see around much these day and step away from the more rough grunge style of the last incarnation.