Gray Matter

This is a film poster for a short film based on the story by Stephen King called ‘Gray Matter’, directed by Red Clark. 

“taking place during the haze and howl of a deadly blizzard. A group of locals at a liquor store brave the storm to check on Richie (Larry Fessenden), a regular customer who hasn’t left his house in months and – according to his terrified son – has been slowly “changing shape.” What waits for them in the house, in the dark, is beyond their wildest nightmares."

Working on Grey Matter allowed me to create a poster design combining three of my favorite things in a horror film, Stephen King (the first novel i ever read was ‘The Shining’).

Larry Fessenden (I’m a big fan of his work and whom i have had the pleasure to work with but this is the first time I’ve been able to physically put him in a design). 

and finally snow! (always a great setting).

I had quite a bit of creative license on the monster, as the FX where still in development and the Larry creature incorporates lens distortion and warping to create the effect when he ‘transforms’.

I was able to artistically interpret his melting look, (which is very fitting and in the true style of those awesome horror film posters/video covers of the 80s).

So the design itself was a real fun one to create, allowing me to move away from the more classic montage style somewhat to build an atmospheric style, having a monster as the central focus The design became very much inspired by the classic creature features of the 80′s like, The Thing, The Blob and The Stuff.