Jaguar lives Joe Lewis, Donald Plesance, Christopher Lee Arrow video DVD Cover illustration

A recent commision i recived from Arrow Video to create a cover illustration for the lost classic Jaruar Lives Staring Joe Lewis, Christopher lee and Donald Plesance among many others.

They wanted a classic vintage illustration style montage for the cover quite 'Colourful' and 'bright' so i had to tone down the aging and weathering on this one without loosing my over all style to it, so I went with a yellow hue for the colour palette which allowed me to give the illustration that punch vibrancy on shelf, yet still conveying that classic 70's/80's martial arts pulp poster dude designs vibe.
Hope you like, ill look forward to seeing it in store. The film looks killer too check out the trailer here: JAGUAR LIVES! and you can buy it here: ARROW VIDEO

The cover been also getting some great feed back on the Cult Lab forum for Arrow Video here . Which is great especially as people seem to be liking (and getting) the idea around the whole Retro Video illustration style... Death to nasty photoshop montages!! and thanks to every one for the kudos on the forums.