Midnight Movies, Cronos Intorduced by Guillermo del Toro

Here's another poster design I've just created for a Midnight Night Movies Guillermo del Toro special, there screening Cronos and Guillermo is going be there in person to present it! (maybe even sign a few posters... if all goes well!!).

So I've done an illustration of him presenting the Cronos Scarab... enticing you in!!
I then need something else to tie the poster together. So i worked up a sinister old clock work cog logo, which relates back to the workings of the Cronos device from the film (I was going to re draw the logo by hand but after getting quarter of the way through it just wasn't working and didn't really add anything to the design). Well I haven't done a illustration for the Curzon flyers yet and i thought this would be a good opportunity to do it in honour of del Toro, so i hope he likes it !!!